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Reflexology is a non-evasive, ancient Chinese therapy, which involves a strategic massage of the toes, soles and top of the feet. 

 Gentle, relaxing, calming and can help to manage symptoms and bring symptomatic relief.

Having a reflexology treatment can help to alleviate stress and tension and give an overall feeling of wellness and tranquillity.

Introduction to Reflexology

Reflexology helps the body’s ten natural energy channels to flow uninhibited through the system, and then gently assists with a healing process that balances the body’s circulation.

How Can Reflexology Help?

There are reflex points on the hands and feet which are linked to every part of the body including physiological function.  The body is gently stimulated to re-establish an optimum flow which can help to restore a healthy balance.

Although reflexology cannot diagnose diseases, an experienced practitioner can ascertain (by applying a gentle pressure to the feet) where the body might be congested, sluggish or tense.

 What happens when I go for a treatment?

  • First treatment is for up to 90 minutes and includes a detailed completion of a medical questionnaire. Nayna will explain the different approaches for follow-up sessions.
  • Follow-up sessions are for approximately 55 minutes, however for a chronic, longer term condition, most people respond well on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Acute pain may require more frequent visits.
  • Wellbeing.  Once improvement occurs, appointments can be less often or finish completely.  Some people have monthly treatments to maintain good health; others return because they enjoy the experience.

Nayna Offers Three Different Approaches…

  • Supportive Reflexology – Calming, relaxing and revitalising. This may be good if life is stressful at the moment.
  • Reflexology and Energy Moving – This approach may be good for you if you would like to experience reflexology in a more psychotherapeutic way. You may not feel you need psychotherapy, but would welcome the opportunity to explore feelings, issues or experiences which you suspect may be impeding your daily life.

In this instance, Nayna uses reflexology, dialogue, visualization and hands-on healing to explore the roots of emotional issues or physical problems.

  •  Symptomatic Relief from a physical problem.  Reflexology cannot cure conditions but can help you to manage the symptoms.

Try Reflexology for:

Headaches Stress Related Issues Insomnia and Nightmares
Joint Pains Feelings of Overwhelm Anger
Dyslexia Anxiety Jet Lag
Feeling Stuck Feelings of Disappointment Sinus Problems
Propensity to Colds Digestive Problems Hay Fever

 To make an appointment, please call: 01297 444 561. 

Lyme Regis, Dorset, DT7 3AL