There is no set pattern for how you will react.
Everybody is different… Everything you feel is right.

 Most people go through a cycle of emotions and this is normal –
But sometimes you can feel stuck.

  • Perhaps you feel a sense of irreplaceable loss?
  • Or you can’t believe somebody close is no longer with you?
  • You might be feeling numb?

Maybe your feelings of grief have been complicated by other factors:

  • Somebody may have died abroad
  • You may have had a difficult relationship with them
  • They may have promised to look after you when they died – but  then you find there isn’t a Will
  • A recent bereavement could trigger your feelings for somebody you lost before but had never fully mourned
  • You may find you are dealing with a sudden dramatic change in family dynamics
  • The death may have been unexpected
  • They may have died following a long illness but for some reason, you can’t come to terms with your loss
  • They may have taken their own life

Using a variety of therapies, both talking and body work, Nayna Kumari can help you through the various stages of mourning and grief.  She will help you to develop coping strategies which can help you to feel stronger and more accepting of this traumatic event.

People react differently to bereavement –

  • Perhaps you feel raw inside like an open wound, the pain is so bad you can’t contain it?
  • You may feel as if you’ve cried so much – you have no more tears left?
  • You’re exhausted and need help to rebuild yourself…

Nayna offers face-to-face therapy and a bereavement telephone support service.

To make an appointment, please call: 01297 444 561. 

Lyme Regis, Dorset, DT7 3AL