There are times when no matter how strong, skilled and capable we are, we just need help. 

You may need:

  • Somebody to talk to – to get things off your chest
  • to put things into perspective
  • to talk through your options
  • to talk to somebody who is not involved in the problem
  • to hear what you need to hear rather than what the people around you think you want to hear
  • to be heard
  • kindness and understanding in a quiet, calm environment
  • confidentially
  • to work through change

Thoughts from the therapy room

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News from outside

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Nayna has been invaluable. She understood that after several bereavements and other losses, I had learned coping mechanisms to eclipse my feelings. She taught me to sit with my feelings, to confront them and techniques for when they overwhelm me.

JH - London

‘The Aim of therapy is to improve the quality of daily life’

Nayna Kumari – as mentored by Babette Rothschild