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You may be upset or overwhelmed… you need support and understanding to help you through a personal crisis or difficulty.

“Life is never predictable.  We all have stresses and problems.
Talking to a trained therapist can help you to develop inner strength and coping strategies.”

Nayna Kumari


Somebody special has passed away… You feel lost and are grieving and need professional support… perhaps talking to a therapist about how you feel could help you through this delicate process.  Sometimes historic family issues can resurface, so in addition to your loss, you may also be feeling alone and vulnerable and without support from family or friends.

In addition to face-to-face therapy, Nayna also offers telephone support if or when required.

Relationship Break-Up

You are in turmoil and not sure what to do…You are feeling overwhelmed, angry or confused.
You’re constantly asking yourself: “How could they do this to me?”

Sometimes it helps to talk to someone you can trust and who will not judge you.

You feel part of a couple but realize there’s a communication breakdown.
Feeling alone whilst in a relationship can be very difficult.
You feel stuck and vulnerable –
As if there is a recurrent theme in your relationships.

“Psychotherapy can help you emotionally separate between the past and the present.”
Nayna Kumari


As a child perhaps you experienced some form of bullying, whether at school or from a sibling.  Later on in life, you feel as if you’re suffering the same emotions at work or with a partner.  How do you deal with that?  


Being stressed can affect sleep patterns: nightmares, being tired during the day, reluctance to go to bed, broken sleep…

As a result of being tired, you have difficulty concentrating; this could be worrying if it affects your work…

Psychotherapists are trained to understand human behaviour and how we may react.
Whatever your problem – it helps to be understood and supported…


Sometimes one or two sessions of talking things through can be enough for you to get things back into perspective.

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