Adult Bullying – In Depth

Adult Bullying

In this Introductory Workshop my idea is to give an overview of the theories and issues around bullying – which can then be picked up and explored in greater depth in later workshops.

I will outline the physiological responses to prolonged bullying and how they conspire to keep you locked into old responses even though since then you have learnt better techniques to deal with it.

There are two approaches to ridding yourself of a bully:

1. Don’t let them get their teeth into you in the first place – which means learning how to spot when
somebody is targeting you and knowing how to sidestep them.

2. To slowly extricate yourself from an existing bullying relationship. This is a painstaking process
as it needs to be unpicked carefully, bearing in mind the person who is bullying you will have a
vested interest in keeping things exactly the way they are.

Any relationship is a dynamic and the first step in changing a dynamic is to understand the part
we each play in it – even if it feels like a non-existent part.

It can be helpful to understand what is driving the behaviour of the bully you know.If you
know what you are trying to achieve, you are more likely to get there.

In this workshop, we will be looking at:

The dynamics of the bullying relationship
How it affects you
The role of bystanders
How to spot when you are being targeted by a bully
Four reasons why people might bully
Exercises to help you feel stronger
Strategies to help you feel more in control
When to negotiate and when to walk away

There will be time to share and explore responses which work and those which don’t.

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