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What clients say about therapy sessions with Nayna Kumari:

“…I felt at home because of her nurturing personality. My improved sense of well-being has been the biggest change that I have noticed. She helped me to become more aware of my body and as a result I learned to feel my energy flowing. She also taught me techniques, which I still use regularly that help me to deal with daily stress. I think her multidisciplinary approach can help people in ways that other one-track therapies cannot. I strongly recommend Nayna’s work.”

PMA – Brixton

“…quickly felt both safe and comfortable to explore different issues and relationships that affects the way I live my life. I particularly enjoyed the way Nayna worked with me on understanding dreams I have had, and what they represent.”

SB, London

“I had a session with Nayna because I felt profoundly ‘stuck’ in a certain area of my life. She asked me a series of questions, and then she talked me through a visualization. At a certain point I was overwhelmed by a sensation of ease and for a time I even felt light-headed. On my way home, I was shocked as the burden had suddenly lifted – even days after our session, I was still noticing my new-found flow… The important thing is that it worked.”

CH, Islington

“….I would also like to take this time to say that although we’ve only had 3 sessions, I have found them to be extremely powerful and life changing. I owe you a big thank you.”

UP, London

“I arrived at my first session in quite a state, feeling as if my whole life had blown apart. The support offered by Nayna in that first meeting wasw onderfully affirming, enabling me to begin to piece myself back together. Our work together included a lot of laughter, challenge and timely reminders of how far I had come.””

RW, London

“My commitment to my clients is to listen and understand the problem or conflict that causes them pain – then offer therapies and strategies to help them understand the link between the mind and body and the physical responses to emotional problems.”

Nayna Kumari

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