Understanding and Handling Stress – at a glance



Depression…Time off…



A day of stress-busting theory and techniques

Understanding and Handling Stress


This workshop will cover:

How and why stress can change behaviour

Why you can be calm about a stressful situation one time,
but over-react or be totally floored by a similar situation the next

Why your mind goes blank when you are stressed

Why some stresses/feelings never seem to go away

Why current stresses can bring up unresolved issues from the past

Why you may be responding to a memory rather than to what is happening in your life at the moment

You will look at:

Your personal responses to stress

How to recognise your triggers

You will explore and learn:

How to stay strong even though you are stressed

Strategies to help you handle stressful situations

Techniques to help you stay calm under pressure

How to separate what happened in the past from what is happening now


(Ten places Max)