Sibling Issues

The Enemy Within

The Enemy Within This blog post was first published by Women Empowered in their blog post GRIT. For their edited version please click here For the original - please read on: We’ve got a bully in our...

Book Recommendation – Living with the Dominator

Book Recommendation – Living with the Dominator

Here is a book I would recommend to anybody. It was written by Pat Craven who as a probation officer ran workshops for male 'perpetrators' of violence against women and children  She categorises different types of controlling behaviour and explains how to spot, avoid...

The Psychotherapy of Reflexology

In this downloadable article, I would like to explore how the body responds to issues which we haven’t been able to resolve and how understanding the way the nervous system holds these issues can help us better serve our clients. Click the post to Download (PDF)


You have to say no to bullies early on - Don't wait until they've got their hooks into you.                                  Having to constantly put up with toxic behaviour can undermine your confidence                                                                ...