“Life is never predictable.  We all have stresses and problems.
Talking to a trained therapist can help you to develop inner strength and  coping strategies.”

Nayna Kumari

For clients:

Workshops at the moment are only available on Zoom:

From The ‘Stress and …’ Series:

 Understanding and Handling Stress – learn more

 Stress and adult bullying – keep existing ‘at-a-glance’ and ‘In depth’ links and

  keep the link between the two,

Stress and bereavement and loss.   Please add link to ‘Why is Bereavement so difficult?

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The information for all workshops is the same. 

£95.00 per person. 

Ten people max. 

10.00 am – 4.00 pm

And could you include a form or an instruction for people to e-mail me to register their interest.

For Practitioners

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“Psychotherapy can help you emotionally separate between the past and the present.”

Nayna Kumari